The National Museum of Scotland permanent exhibition on Scottish history – by Nicole Guether


The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh is a huge and impressive museum. It was formed by a fusion of two separate institutions. The first was the 19th century former Royal Scottish Museum, which is located in the building of Victorian neo-Venetian Renaissance from the 1860s and holds collections covering science, technology, natural history and world culture. The second, the Museum of Scotland, opened in 1998 in a Le Corbusier-like modern architecture by London-based Benson & Forsyth, related to Scottish antiquities, culture and history. Thus, the two highly diverse but connected buildings house a rich collection from prehistory to our present. With several stations which invite especially young visitors into active discovery, the National Museum of Scotland promises a ‘journey through the history of Scotland, the wonders of nature and diverse cultures from around the globe.‘

National_Museum_of_Scotland_Grand_Gallery Interior of the Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland…

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